Windspear LLC  is a provider of consulting services with expertise in system architecture, software applications, drivers, BIOS and firmware development for Windows, Linux, embedded controller platforms and system simulation.  Windspear has experience in a broad range of CPU/chipset/FPGA architectures from simple PIC's to multi-processor system.  Often Windspear starts at the early architecture phase of a project, supplying expertise in software tradeoffs in system hardware or chipset design options, and work with clients with support through design and production. 

Some of our clients have been Sano, Sun, Matterport, D2M, Sixense, Tyco, Rapid Prototypes Mind Tribe, FedEx, Montalvo, Orion Multisystems, Tiqit, OQO, Agami, Transmeta, National Semiconductor, AMD, HP, Phoenix Technologies and IBM.

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